Confection Connection

Student groups work together to bake cookies for service project


The scent of baking chocolate peaked as bags of cookie dough were opened.

The volunteer packed classroom quickly got to work breaking dough blocks into pieces and finally placing them onto the trays that would melt these cubes of dough into gooey goodness.

This service event was all fun and games. While cookies readied in the oven, Student Council Executive Board members taught ice breakers to volunteers from their general membership and National Honor Society.

According to Student Activities Manager Angel Santa Cruz this event started last year. The council invites the police department and local veterans and the school community to gather and reflect on the September 11 attacks.

Senior Erik Acosta feels it is his duty to participate in service projects like these.

“We are baking cookies for the 9/11 remembrance and as a school presenting and respecting what we feel is necessary to give back,” Acosta said. “My dad is in the military and I would like to contribute to everything they do for our country.”