Apple Announces New Airpods

Jazmine Prieto

Trick or treat? Apple has announced the launch of its newest product, the AirPods Pro. This new addition is said to be like no other. The reason? The new pods’ noise-canceling feature.

Apple claims the new pods’ noise cancellation is adjusted up to 200 times per second. This feature can be compared to the noise cancellation in the new Beats Solo Pro headphones – but these are priced lower at $249 compared to the Beats Solo Pro which retail at $299.

The updated Pods are $90 more than their predecessor and that new price tag is a hard sell.

Sophomore Carlos Salas already owns the first generation Pods.

Salas feels that having AirPods is a convenient way to listen to music without having the distraction of the traditional earbud wire in the way. The purchase of the new AirPod Pro is unlikely for him because of the price tag offered.