Cougar to Cougar

Freshman ask Seniors for advice on navigating high school

Cougar to Cougar compiled by Leilani Benford, Isabella Eschbach and Aurora Holt

Freshman Ana Valdez asks:

How have you managed your stress?





Senior Dana Marquez answers:

My friends help me to relax and have fun. Also running in cross country helped me to relieve my stress.




Freshman Katelyn Farran asks:

How do you manage your grades?





Senior Nichole Valenzuela answers:

I manage my grades by doing my work the day that I get it and by taking advantage of my outs to get my homework done.




Freshman Aiden Lara asks:

What challenges should I expect in the future as a senior?





Senior Emerald Davis answers:

The biggest challenge is probably preparing for college because you have to think about applications for it and the money required for it.




Freshman Austin Luera asks:

What classes look good for college?





Senior DJ Constance Parris answers:

OnRamps, AP classes and sports help you stand out to colleges. If you dedicate yourself to something for all four years, colleges will take note of that as well.