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2020-2021 Staff

Emma Fannings


Freshman and angsty teen.

Ethan Camu


This is my first year as a Chronicle member. I like it a lot and it is one of many new interests. Other interests I have are baseball and have been playing for about 5-6 years. I also do boxing on the side every now and then.

Charles Li Collins

The person in charge of anime.

I'm Charles Li. I'm a writer and weeb. My wish is to understand and study human emotion and determine if it is a weakness or a strength. So far I am leading to weakness. In this day and age, people of this generation have very...

Leilani Benford

News Editor

Welcome to the Chronicle! I'm Leilani Benford, I've worked with the Chronicle for two years now, one of my hobbies is wax sealing letters and playing the cello. I've played for five years now. The Chronicle is probably one of...

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