TikTok trend sees schools across country vandalized for clout, approval of peers

Staff Report

From soap and paper towel dispensers being ripped from their holders to class projectors being unscrewed from their ceiling mounts, the “Devious Licks” trend has found it’s way to Franklin.

Restrooms and classrooms across both campuses were found vandalized after a slew of online videos encouraged teens to destroy their schools for clout and peer approval.

The vandalization is a trend being seen at schools across the country where students are filming themselves destroying property and uploading the videos to popular social media site, TikTok.

While the site says they are actively banning and removing the videos that use the hashtag, the destruction has continued.

Junior Alyssa Guzman transferred to Franklin this year. Guzman shared that her former high school was vandalized as well.

“They took a urinal!,” Guzman said.

Franklin administration addressed the situation and has discouraged this behavior. Students caught destroying school property or stealing teacher belongings would face disciplinary action.