Cougars ranked No. 1 in the city; season to begin with HoCo game

Braulio Ortega, Reporter

Friday nights are lit up again with Texas football season underway and the cougars are on the prowl for a district championship. The season officially begins for the Cougars with Friday’s September 24 homecoming game against Montwood HS.

While the cougars are ranked No. 1 in the city they have an uphill battle to climb if they plan on making it to the championship. Nine playoff starters have returned to the field.

The cougars had seen new leadership but will begin tje district season against Montwood with Head Coach Darren Walker back on the field after a brief leave.

Coach Leigh McWhorter had been named as acting head coach while Walker was out.

“I expect us to do well, I have a great group of coaches and a great group of kids I’m working with,” McWhorter said.

The cougars fought hard during their pre-season games with losses against Cleveland HS (35-32) in Rio Rancho , New Mexico and Midland Christian (51- 20).

“Our pre-district was tough,” McWhorter said.

The team won their final pre-season game against Andress HS 41-21.

Fans are ready for the start of district play.

Senior Nathaniel Peralta follows the Cougars stats and is ready to cap his senior year off with cougar wins

“I’m honestly looking forward to the (start of district),” Peralta said. “We have a great defensive leader, Steven Powers.” Peralta is excited to spend his Friday Nights in Cougar Stadium.

Fans and coaches alike are expecting success in this season.

“They’re all diligent and focused on having a great season,” McWhorter said. “I expect it to be a good season.”

With this win the varsity cougars get their first taste of victory and the team hopes many more to come in the near future. The team is capable of many things and winning is definitely one of them.

“They’re all diligent and focused on having a great season. We put together a good summer and our pre-district was tough but we came out of it healthy and we learned a lot so I expect it to be a great season,” McWhorter said.

The cougars will  facing off against Montwood for their first district game and homecoming on Friday, sept 24.