Powers nabs scholarship with West Point

Blu Rivera and Daniel Holguin

Scholarships are something a majority of students would love to have.

One student who did manage to snag a coveted scholarship is Senior Steven Powers.

According to stats and player records Powers maintains a top spot on the Franklin roster.

Powers plays defense as a linebacker and played offense in the 2020 season as a running back.

As a linebacker, Powers recorded four sacks and 83 tackles last season.

On the offensive end of the field, he rushed for an impressive 381 yards and seven touchdowns.

With these statistics as well as consistent numbers throughout his years of playing it’s no surprise that several schools have tried to recruit him but only one succeeded.

“I think I did really good last year and all the hard work I put in, in the offseason it showed on the field,” Powers said. “[I] could have had more numbers if the season wasn’t cut short.”

The school who managed to bring Powers into its roster is United Sates Military Academy at West Point , one of the top military colleges in the country.

The school also has a long history with many well-known presidents and generals being former graduates.

Missing from the West Point roster or any military roster for that matter is any Powers family members.

“I don’t have any family in the military it was really seeing [West Point] and family that reeled me in,” said Powers.

The military is a place where a sense of family is often celebrated and embraced. According to Powers seeing that commarderie of the students and the school’s structure were some his main factors for choosing the school. He did not visit any other military schools during his time uncommitted.

“I’ve always been into structure, there’s a lot of good structure,” said Powers. “WestPoint had good facilities and good atmosphere no reason to keep looking.”

Powers is currently out due to an injury he hopes to be back soon and says it won’t put a damper on his senior season.

While injured Powers has been able to reflect on the opportunities he has potentially given to others in El Paso. He hopes to see more students get picked up.

“It’s a special feeling honestly to bring more attention to El Paso, not a lot of kids here get recruited and I feel like that’s not a good thing because there’s a lot of good talent here,” Powers said. “El Paso brings good players every year, I think it’s just a good thing to see other players get recruited too.

Coach Polo Gonzalez has worked to coach Powers for three years. Gonzalez works with the running backs.

“He has an absolutely over the top work ethic,” Gonzalez said. “What makes Powers a great player is his understanding of the game and desire to be great.”

According to Gonzalez Powers has the maturity, understanding of the game and overall effort that makes him a great player. Gonzalez feels Powers earned this distinction.

“The scholarship was well deserved and well earned from his dedication,”  Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez doesn’t have any worries about Powers’ injury and says his goals should be “All-District, All-State, and District champs.”