Escape Rooms A Review

Blu Rivera, Web Manager

Escape room review then compare Operation outbreak

Many interesting new entertainment concepts have popped up in recent years. Escape Rooms are one example. A room full of clues, a theme, and usually an objective that will in the end let you escape the room.

I have done two escape rooms at Operation Outbreak: El Paso Escape Game. Operation Outbreak offered a multitude of different scenarios ranging from running from a serial killer to robbing a bank and getting away safely with your loot.

The two escape rooms I did with my family were Sherlock Holmes themed and Bank Robbing themed.

The Sherlock Holmes escape room offered a multitude of challenges and multiple puzzles to be solved at a time. I would say it was definitely an escape room better suited for a bigger group of people. The puzzles were for the majority not too difficult to solve but they were usually not a quick solve. The flow also worked well with a majority of puzzles leading in their own line until the end where they slowly converged. Personally, our group was very successful as it was one of the harder rooms that had about a 30% escape rate.

The Bank Robbing themed escape room on the other hand had a single path to follow. You had to solve one puzzle after another with no way to split off and do different things. This room would be better for smaller groups. Our group was unfortunately quite large thus it was difficult to agree on how we should solve the puzzle. It was a great example of too many chefs in the kitchen. The escape room itself was the hardest one they offered with an escape rate of around 12%. Thus, the puzzles were much more difficult, and some could even be labelled as obscure.

There are several other places to do escape rooms in El Paso each with their own pros and cons. The main Pro to Operation Outbreak was their availability compared to the other escape rooms. A majority of other escape rooms are only open one to three days of the week unlike Operation Outbreak that is open every day except for Monday and Tuesday. One thing many of these escape rooms have in common is the variety of escape rooms that they offer.

Overall it is a fun and different way to spend time with friends and family.