Staff Review: Dutch Bros.

Xavib Quiroz, Features Editor

The new talk on the block right now is a coffee shop named Dutch Bros.

Drink from newly opened Dutch Bros. Coffee

Dutch Bros has been open since 1992 and was founded by Dane and Travis Boersma to sell their coffee and build connections in their community.

Although there are many locations across the country, this is the first one opened in El Paso.

Is it as good as the other locations and is it worth the large line it has all day? In my opinion it is.

I had the “Golden Eagle” and the “Picture Perfect.” Both drinks tasted good and had a good balance of sweetness and in the case of the Picture perfect, chocolate.

They also have a variety of shakes that are great. I had cotton candy (per recommendation of the staff) and I thought it was well worth the line and price.

The drinks are on average about $5, and it is a fair price for the size that you are receiving. The staff is also great and very friendly.

They like to have conversations with you and help the wait for your drink go bye at the blink of an eye.

You can also download the Dutch Bros app for rewards and to pay ahead. I would return to trying other drinks like lemonade and hot chocolate.

I think Dutch Bros. is a solid 8/10.