Review for Chick’nCone

Sydney Rumpf , photographer

A new restaurant is open at West Towne Market, and some may say it’s cluckin’ good! Chick’nCone is a new chain that opened its doors on June 24, 2021, in El Paso. With a name as odd as Chick’nCone, you might expect anything but gourmet. Chick’nCone might get a bit pricy, but the quality is all there. 

The restaurant offers 3 chicken-based dishes: the classic “Chick’nTenders”, the familiar “Chickn’Sandwich”, and an original and staple to the restaurant, the “Chick’nCone”. While Chick’nCone doesn’t have a large variety of meals to choose from, they make up for that with their different sauces. They have a variety of 6 different flavors, ranging from sweet “Cinna-Maple” to the spicy “Peri Peri”. As side dishes, they provide “Caj’n Corn”, “Caj’n Fries”, and “Mac’nCheese” for customers. The beverages people can choose from are select sodas and a couple sweet drinks such as the “Waffle Crunch Milkshake” in numerous flavors and lemonade slushies.  

When I went there, I ordered a “Chick’nCone” with the “Cinna-Maple” sauce. The sauce was exactly what it sounds like – it was a sweet maple syrup with a light touch of cinnamon. Luckily, I knew what I wanted to order, but the staff was nice enough to give me some samples of different sauces that I could try. 

The chicken’s texture was a little crunchy, and its taste was flavorful and savory. The waffle cone was very sweet and not as stiff as other waffle cones. With the Cinna-Maple sauce, it was like an alternative yet true way to eating chicken and waffles. For my drink, I ordered one of their lemonade slushies. It was a little bit sour, but it tasted delicious.  

The restaurant was smaller than most, but they have a lot of seating and entertainment options there. They have booths, high tables, low tables, drink machines, Jenga, and TV’s. There are tables outside so you can sit and enjoy your meal in the sun or with your pets. I’m sure any precious fur babies would love their chicken! 

And to people with nut allergies: good news! The restaurant’s kitchen is nut-free and cook their food in canola oil, corn oil, or in an air fryer. Unfortunately, their menu is not gluten free, and their breading contains dairy products. 

Chick’nCone offers many tasty and quality dishes for a high price. The quality might not justify the price to some but I’m definitely part of the group that agrees the Chick’nCone is cluckin’ good!