Student entrepreneurs begin small businesses

Tessa Geary, Reporter

The best example of strong creativity and a solid work ethic is the will to manage a small business as a student. Balancing classes and customers is no easy feat which is a sentiment echoed by business owners and juniors Isabella Rodriguez and Alyssa Duran.

For the vibes jewelry (@4.thevibesjewelry on Instagram), ran by Rodriguez has been in business for around six months now. Within that time period, she’s produced hand-made and affordable jewelry with silver, gold and precious stones.

If elegant metallics and stones aren’t your style, cost-efficient, colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces made by Duran, owner of on Instagram are definitely something to check out.

These quality products aren’t produced without lots of time, energy, and effort.

It wasn’t easy for Rodriguez to start her business from scratch. Her primary need was money in order to buy the first round of materials. Creating a social media account and marketing the name of her business was what helped her raise $1,400 in order to jumpstart @4.thevibesjewelry.

Initially, Rodriguez had to talk to many different people in order to market her jewelry business, but now since the sales are automatic she realized she no longer has to talk to people as frequently. She just has to package her orders and deliver them to her buyers.

The motivation to start a business like this comes in the form of learning valuable life skills like time management, discipline, and how to finance money from a young age.

“It’s definitely going to help me in the future,” Rodriguez said. Rodriguez has also learned skills like finance, marketing and people skills that can serve her well in whatever career she decides to take on.

These young entrepreneurial ladies, enjoy what they do, and are excited for what the future may bring. They serve as an inspiration for the rest of us to pursue our goals and aspirations.