Upcoming Lego Sets

Julian Rodriguez, Reporter

There are many new lego sets coming soon from a variety of themes.

The brand new Avatar theme is getting seven sets that range from $20-$150. Based on fan feedback advice, lego has created a set for fans of the show “The Office” that is filled to the brim with references and fan favorite characters. It will be 1,164 pieces and include 15 minifigures, coming in at $120. For those with bigger pockets, The Mighty Bowser set, a 12-inch tall, 2,800 piece, poseable figure of Bowser from Super Mario, will cost $270. For the Marvel fans, a 2,900 piece Black Panther helmet and hands posed in the iconic Wakanda Forever salute will be $350.

Finally, for the mega Star Wars fans, a brand new Ultimate Collector Series Razor Crest ship, along with a new Mandalorian figure and two exclusive figures is on the way. Based on the popular star wars show “The Mandalorian,” the massive set has a heavily detailed interior, a removable engine and cockpit, and a detachable escape pod. The near 6,200 piece set will come at a steep $600.

All these sets, plus a few smaller sets less than $20, are set to release October 1st. An exemption being The Razor Crest, which is said to come out on October 7th.