Review: Sanderson Sisters return for Hocus Pocus 2 sequel

Daisy Pando, Reporter

Disney relit the black flame candle and brought back the Sanderson Sisters for a much awaited sequel. After 29 years, the film giant released Hocus Pocus 2 on their streaming platform Disney+ on September 30.

 Though many fans were yearning for the famous return of the Sanderson Sisters, others were met with greater disappointment following the disheartening plot of the second movie. 

The plot of the movie was set in modern times, with newer technology than the first movie. The Main characters, besides the Sanderson Sisters, were yet again in high school, however there’s not much to differentiate between the two stories. 3 Highschool students who accidentally lit the black candle are met with the conundrum of saving Salem from the three well– known Sanderson Sisters as they return from their 29 year slumber. 

In terms of the plot in Hocus Pocus 2, it was very similar to that of the first movie, which is what made it so disappointingFans, including myself, were hoping for a plot twist to be included in the almost 30 year age gap since the first movie came out. Some fans think that the movie was poorly made, and overall was of no comparison to the first movie, but that it definitely captured the return of the Sanderson sisters in a fun modern spin on the original. Many believe what made the three witches return so entertaining in the end was the fact they were so oblivious to homodern day Salem worked.  

There were some parallels however, especially when the same reaction from the first movie with the black road, and the automatic closing doors in the second movie came up. However, that was about the only significant change from the first movie. 

I do appreciate however, that the fun dead zombieBilly, had more screen time in the second movie. I feel that he deserved it after the story of his death was misinterpreted. One thing I enjoyed, or rather almost cried to, was the emotional ending of Hocus pocus 2, when the Sanderson sisters were separated, or “died” once and for all The sequel certainly emphasized the meaning of sisterly love. It became prominent in times when one of them was in trouble, and even was foreshadowed at the beginning, when the story of how the Sanderson Sisters came to be was revealed.  

In essence, the movie deserves at least 3 stars. Though the lack of originality was disappointing to the faithful audience, the emotional ending and the attempt to show the importance of loving those who have been with you through everything redeemed it.  

Final rating: 3/5 stars