Born Pink Album by Blackpink (Review)

Katelyn Farran, Web Manager

Blackpink’s newest and second album to be produced was released on September 16, containing 8 different songs in total. The songs are Pink Venom, Shut Down, Typa Girl, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Hard to Love, The Happiest Girl, Tally, and Ready for Love. 

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Pink Venom, Shut Down, and Ready for Love all have a music video but the cool thing about Ready for Love is that its music video comes from a video game called PUBG mobile which is a free to play battle. So, the music video is around that theme.  

Hard to Love is also a unique song because it is Rosé’s third solo song which was unexpected, but she sang it beautifully in my opinion. 

All the songs have a different theme to them, but I would have to say that my favorite song out of the whole album would either have to be either Pink Venom or Hard to Love by Rosé. I do love all the songs though and listen to them regularly.