Super Bowl LVII

Matthew Salloum, Reporter


Super Bowl 57 has concluded, and The Kansas City Chiefs are World Champions. By a score of 38-35 both teams were very evenly matched throughout the whole game. Both teams were 13-3 and were both one seeds going into this game, both teams had important pieces at every position but what stood out was their explosive offenses so a game this high scoring was expected. Both teams had 6 All Pro selections and the Eagles had 8 Pro Bowl selections to Chiefs 7. The Chiefs won their 3rd Super Bowl in Franchise history and their 2nd in 4 years. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes caps off a Super Bowl season with the league MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. 

Key Takeaways: 

Chiefs: The offensive Line really held up well and gave enough time for their quarterback Patrick Mahomes to stay in the pocket and make good throws. They went down by 10 at halftime and Tight End Travis Kelce and the Chiefs receiving core kept getting open, slicing up the defense and did not look like they were going to slow down.  

Eagles: Failed to put pressure on Mahomes and did not force the Chiefs to make bad decisions. Giving up too many big plays and unable to help the offense. The turnover by Jalen Hurts where he fumbled the ball in the second quarter, and the Chiefs ran it back for a touchdown was a key moment in the games that hurt them in the end. The Eagles are in good shape going into the future with a franchise QB Jalen Hurts and many young players. 

Game Changing Play: 

On 3rd and 8 One of the Eagles Defenders James Bradberry got a flag called on him for a questionable holding call that the internet is going crazy about. He held Chiefs Wide Receiver Juju Smith-Schuster’s jersey for half a second and got flagged, giving the Chiefs a first down, leading to the game winning field goal with almost no time left. Was it the wrong call? No. But people are getting mad for how late in the game the call was and how much the game mattered at the time. If that were not called maybe the outcome could be different, giving the Eagles time for one more drive to win the game.  

Halftime Show: 

This year’s halftime show was performed by Rhianna, and she performed some of her extremely popular songs. 

Super Bowl Ratings: 

This year’s Super Bowl was the third most watched program in television history and this year’s halftime show performed by Rhianna was the second most watched halftime show in Super Bowl history.