March Madness: Explained

Matthew Salloum, Reporter

What is a seed:

In this tournament, the Committee places teams on how they did in the regular season and through their conference tournaments. If you win your conference tournament you are automatically in the NCAA tournament and if you do not win but the teams impressed the committee enough will get in. There is one 1-16 seed in every bracket and there are 4 brackets which makes up 64 teams in the first round.

Tournament summary:

The NCAA basketball tournament had so many upsets and exciting moments. Only the second time in this tournament’s history where a 16 seed (Fairleigh Dickinson) upset a 1 seed (Purdue). It was also the first time where no number one seeds (Alabama, Houston, Kansas, and Purdue) made the Elite Eight. There were no perfect brackets left after the first round of the tournament with all the upsets happening and having the most random final four in recent years (Florida Atlantic, San Diego State, Miami, and UConn). Florida Atlantic would fall to San Diego State on a buzzer beater with a final score of 71-72. UCONN soared against Miami to book their spot in the championship, winning 59-72. The National Championship is a 5 seed (SDSU) against a 4 seed (UConn). In the end UConn won by a score of 76-59. The Huskies were very dominate and they won all their games by at least 15 points. UConn star guard Tristan Newton from El Paso went to Burges High School and was a key part in this historic title run.