Outerbanks: Season 3 review

Daisy Pando, Reporter

Before I begin, I would like to point out that my expectations for Outer banks Season 3 were very high.

The Show begins with them reuniting after last season’s fiasco. However, this only lasts for a short period of time, and the group once again disperses into their own little adventure. I found this rather annoying because I would have like to see more of a dynamic between the other Seasons and this one. There was nothing much that changed, the plot is still focused on the gold and Sarahs dad is still “dead”.

One thing I really enjoyed was the love interests between Kiara and JJ. I shipped them from the very beginning and to find that they finally recognized that they have similar struggles gives the rating at least 1 star. I was more interested in their side of the season because it was interesting to see how much her parents showed they care about her. Sending her away to a camp for “struggled teens” shows that they really do want her to be somewhere in life and doesn’t want her to go through the struggles they went through.

Another thing I found rather interesting is John. B’s dad finally returning. He was gone for all of the previous seasons, and to be honest I felt that they kind of brushed over him returning. The whole thing with the bell was clever however, and I found that it really built in to the character development of John. B went through. His dad on the other hand is not my Favorite in the whole world. He really didn’t care about John B. and dedicated his entire life to finding the gold. When he finally did, he didn’t care if it was at the cost of John B. Yes, near the end he distracted the protagonists while his son was in the cave, but I still feel that it was the Bare minimum compared to the danger John. B was put in so that his dad could run away.

The ending was no surprise to me. I expected another adventure to enter these teenagers’ lives, and I hope that in the next season the clan can stay together and go through the hardships together.

FInal Rating: 2.5/5 stars