Review: Joker (Spoilers Ahead)

Javier Garcia, Reporter

The long awaited ‘reboot’ of the ‘Crime Prince of Terror’ is finally here and the wait was definitely worth it. The twisted, dark plot reimagined by director Todd Philips will keep you at the edge of your seat waiting to see what blood gushing, heart throbbing, tear jerking sequence of events.

Joaquin Phoenix’s take on the iconic DC villain follows Arthur Fleck, an aspiring, but failing stand-up comedian, making his way through Gotham City, at a time where the well-known Bruce Wayne, is still just a kid.

Philips took a different take on the ‘Jester of Genocide.’ In this version, Fleck doesn’t fall into a vat of acid where masked heroes swoop in to save the day, but lives in a broken, crumbling society that Philips built for this multiverse.

Fleck is depicted as a poor man, fighting through mental health problems all while attempting to support his mother in a broken justice system that is against him. His character transforms to reigning terror across Gotham City after a series of unfortunate events.

Joker, portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix, shows the steps and actions that led Fleck to his insanity.

Overall, I give it 1.8 thumbs out of 2.

Official poster for Warner’s ‘Joker.’