Game Radar: Borderlands 3

Javier Garcia

Borderlands 3: Review by Javier Garcia

As we get closer to the jollier side of the year, games are coming out, and this is the time to pick up some new games. Especially with game of the year awards coming in. The latest installment of the “Borderlands” series “Borderlands 3” is no exception.

The Gearbox Software developed game follows a whole new team of Vault hunters, when suddenly they get a call from Crimson Raiders, they need help.

The Children of the Vault have wiped them out of existence, and you are their only hope.

Borderlands keeps going with the trend of the series, it only gets bigger and better. You can go up to a 4-player co-op with an abundance of characters to choose from and many modes to play the game in, there are endless hours of this hectic, shoot em’ up game to enjoy.

By far the most impressive feature of this game is its weapons, with over one billion guns to try with different speeds, shooting styles and ranges, it will be quite impossible to explore everything this game has to offer you.

Rated: 18+

Genre: Action Shooter

Grade: A

Release: September 13