Game Radar – Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Reyes Gonzalez, Reporter

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Review by Reyes Gonzalez

Any avid gamer will know that the last four months of every year is the time when AAA title games drop left and right.

This is especially known that every year a new Call of Duty video game drops, this year is no exception.

The latest installment to the Call of Duty franchise is “Modern Warfare” made by Infinity Ward, which is a studio of Activision.

The multiplay-shooter will go back to its roots of foot-on-the-ground warfare even bringing back “dark edition” which is a game mode where the maps are all played in the night and the player has to wear night-vision goggles.

An exciting addition to this game, which fans have been demanding for years, is cross-platform multiplayer.

This means that all three gaming platforms including Xbox, Playstation, and PC will be sharing lobbies together.

Modern Warfare had three beta weekends, one being a two-versus-two alpha game mode new to the franchise and the other two being a beta weekend for players to try out the game.

Rated: 18+

Genre: Action Shooter

Grade: A

Release Date: Oct. 25