El Paso Hospitals at capacity

Xavib Quiroz, Reporter

When people hear about hospitals at capacity they think of COVID-19 but in El Paso, that is currently not the case.

Hospitals across the county are currently reaching their maximum ICU bed capacities from non-COVID related illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes and more.

According to health officials,  local hospitals would not be able to handle a surge in COVID.

City Health officials reinstated the mask mandate on Wednesday, Aug. 18.  Health officials feel prevention protocols will be essential in keeping the hospitals from being overwhelmed and stopping El Paso patients from having to receive treatment elsewhere.

In a joint statement issued by El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego, Senator Cesar Blanco and State Board of Education District One Representative Georgina Perez if a surge of COVID happened right now hospitals would be overwhelmed more than they were last fall.

The statement also encouraged that schools should have a mask requirement to keep students and teachers safe and to help prevent a mass surge.