Skaters skirt student, staff safety

Anna Castellano , news editor

Due to safety concerns and complaints administration has taken action on the usage of skateboards on campus.

As of February 22, students must now place skateboards in a locker at the beginning of the school day and may not remove the board until the end of the school day. They may not be used at lunch or during any transition period.

If students do not know which locker to use, an administrator will assign them one specifically for them. There has been a set of consequences for students seen with a skateboard that have been put into place. The first time a student is caught violating the new policy, the board will be confiscated, parents are called, and a confiscated, parents are called, and a contract will be signed.

The second time administration catches students, the board will be banned from being brought to campus.

Students sound of on changes

“I personally don’t like the new rules because I would actually use my skateboard to get from main to magnet on time. It’s let me use the bathroom and make it in class without being late. I can totally understand the rule of not wanting people to skate to prevent destruction of school property, however, I would like to see the school recognize that most skaters are just riding instead of trying to deface school property or harm anyone. I really think these new rules are unnecessary and should be removed. I think a realistic solution that the school could take is allowing skaters to keep carrying their boards and only letting them ride on the road/parking lot.”- Dante Dominguez, Junior

“These rules are only here because of the acts some kids made that messed it up for the rest of the students who bring skateboards. the last rule is unfair. There are students who respect the rule about not skating on campus and hold it for that reason. The way it should be solved is by not blaming it on everyone for the mistakes some students made. The students that make their unnecessary actions should be ones who have to sign the contract and deal with the consequences, It shouldn’t have to go for everyone.” – Gabriel Alderete, Sophomore.