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Anna Castellano

Anna Castellano, News Editor

Anna Castellano is a junior at Franklin High School. She has marked her spot on the chronicle staff for two years. Along with writing articles, she was also a proud member of the school choir for a couple of years. In the two years of being a staff member, Anna has learned so much in the journaling world and wishes to learn more. In her private life, her favorite pass times are watching movies, trying new snacks, and doing art. She loves to watch anything from Marvel to early 2000s coming of age movies. She tends to be picky with shows because of the amount of time it takes to watch it. The shows must be something her imagination can place her in. If no shows interest her, she picks up her pencil and sketches for hours on end. Though Anna isn’t the best, she tries and puts all her dedication to it. The art that catches her eyes is realistic or super abstract. She can spend every hour of every day in any art museum you put her in. Just don’t tell her she needs to hurry up or slow down. Anna will tolerate someone telling her how fast she needs to move but
despises it. At the end of the day, she laughs everything off and starts a new day on a good note.

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Anna Castellano