Mandalorian Season 3 Full Review: Spoilers

Julian Rodriguez, Reporter

The Mandalorian is back for another season since their last in 2020. Although, we didn’t go completely without Din Djarin and Grogu for 3 years, as they did make an appearance in the Book of Boba Fett.

That’s actually where Season 3 picks up from, with Din Djarin and Gorgu returning to the Children of The Watch, but being forced to return to Mandalore to redeem himself and be accepted once again.

From there, the Mandalrian goes through its usual shtick where they have to go find something to be able to achieve their main goal. However, in this season specifically, it seems like more time is wasted compared to the previous seasons on having to go through unnecessarily long and elaborate missions just to be able to accomplish something. For example, the episode that featured Lizzo and Jack Black only had about 10 minutes of actually important things happening critical to the plot.

I had that somewhat bored feeling of waiting for something bigger to happen throughout the entire season, up until episode 7, when the Children of the Watch and Clan Kyrze teamed up to overtake Mandalore. That was probably one of the most exciting episodes of the entire series, with a heartbreaking death at the end. I really thought he had a chance to live after he killed all the Super Commandos, but then ominous music played as the Praetorian Guards slowly walked into frame. It was an excellent scene.

The finale was good as well, but I think episode 7 was still the highlight. I like the way it ended as well. It felt like a formal and complete conclusion for all the Mandalorians, with them retaking Mandalor from Moff Gideon as Bo Katan as their leader, and with Din Djarin and Din Grogu settling down in Nevarro, resting until their next adventure.

Bo Katan and the Mandalorians played a large part in this season as well, more than any other season. Some fans were pretty upset over this, saying its “The Mandalorian” not “The Mandalorians and Bo Katan.” I’m not that upset over the emphasis being shifted towards the Mandalorians and Bo Katan. There really wasn’t much to go with Din Djarin in terms of story, and I think it was time that they showed Mandalor after talking about it so much, and I like Bo Katan as a character.

Another memorable moment is when Admiral Thrawn was name dropped in episode 7, as well as the small appearance Zeb made. I have no doubt in my mind that something that really influenced the story of season 3 was the release of the Ahsoka show later in August of this year. I believe that the Ahsoka show will end up picking immediately, if not a little ways later. Regardless, I think that the stories will be connecting somehow in Ahsoka, and maybe even Din Djairn and Grogu will also play a large part.

In conclusion, this may not be The Mandalorian at its best. However, it’s far from unwatchable. If you’re a big fan of the Mandalorian, then I would say you should watch it, because it’s more of that. But if you’re a casual Star Wars fan however, I would suggest you choose something else to watch before it. Again, I don’t think its necessarily bad, but I do believe that there is much better Star Wars media to watch on Disney+.