Fun Friday’s in CDL

Leilani Bateman, Reporter

Photo by Gianna Reese.

CDL stands for Child Development Lab, it is a class where high school students learn by experience how to teach and run a classroom.

The high school students become teachers for kids from the ages of 3-to-5-years old. Student teachers learn how to lead a classroom, make lesson plans, redirect kids, problem solving skills, and how to keep a classroom organized.

After two years in the program high schoolers can test to get certified and be able to work in a classroom.

From Monday to Thursday the student teachers focus on teaching the cougar cubs language/writing, math, science/social studies.

On Fridays, the student teachers do “Fun Fridays” to end the week with exciting activities. Fun Fridays give the cougar cubs something to look forward to and a reason to be on their best behavior throughout the week. Student teachers come up with fun and engaging activities like scavenger hunts, flying kites, obstacle courses, show and tell, movies, and free play.