StuCo Elections Begin

Xavib Quiroz, Features Editor

The 2022-2023 Student Council officer elections started today, April 22. Students will be able to vote for candidates to take over positions such as Class Historian or Student Body President. Candidates have been campaigning diligently since Monday in hopes of winning their students’ votes.

Editor’s Note: The Chronicle briefly profiled each candidate to explain their experience and the position they are running for:


Freshman Max Hernandez is running for the position of Sophomore Class Historian. He was previously the Freshman Class Historian and is excited to try out his new ideas for the upcoming Freshman class.

Freshman Elizabeth Walters is currently the Freshman Class President and is hoping to become the Sophomore Class President for her future Sophomore class. She has accomplished much as Freshman Class President and is hoping to have a bigger impact in her Sophomore year.

Freshman Abigail Morales is an active member of her class community and is hoping to bring that into the 2023 school year. She is hoping to take care of the class as the new Sophomore class president.

Sophomore Alissa Gutierrez hopes to capture all the events that the future Junior class will have throughout the 2023 school year. In order to do this, she hopes to become the Junior Class Historian to help everyone remember all the events that the Junior class will have.

Sophomore Andrew David Manoni is a dedicated member of Franklin High school and is hoping to become the next Junior historian. He hopes to represent every single Junior in the upcoming class and make the Junior class proud.

Sophomore Vianey Martinez is a dedicated member of the 2024 class. She is ready to put all her effort into the Junior class and is ready to listen and provide a safe space for the upcoming Junior class.

Sophomore Skylar Landrum has participated in over 30 student council attempts and is hoping to do more for the community by becoming the Junior class Vice President. She is ready to unite all cougars together and increase spirit.

Sophomore Jacklin Enriquez has put dedication and time into StuCo and is ready to go the next step as the Junior class vice president. She is currently the Sophomore Class President and wants to continue to do what she is doing.

Sophomore Adriana Corral is hoping to become the new Junior class Vice President and support her school.

Sophomore David Montoya has been a dedicated StuCo member and athlete. He wants to be a representative of the Junior class for the 2022-2023 school year.

Junior Ricardo Marquez is educated on the structure of government and office. He gives community service for his Junior class and wants to help all Seniors and promote the Go Center. He wants to represent the Hispanic community as the Senior class Vice President.

Junior Grecia Ortega is dedicated to her class and is ready to represent the future Senior class as the Senior Vice President.

Junior Abby Gibbons is a dedicated StuCo member and a dedicated athlete who hopes to be your next Senior class president.

Junior Alexis Armendariz has been an active StuCo member for 3 years, 2 of which she has had a position. She served as a senator as a Sophomore and a secretary as a Junior and is now hoping to serve as the new Senior Class President.

Sophomore Addy Bannon has served as an NJHS historian and senator of the Freshman class. She is currently the Sophomore Class Historian and has done community service for the Girl Scouts. She is now running for student body Parliamentarian and raising student involvement.

Sophomore Daniela Montemayor has served in StuCo as a Freshman class secretary and as the pride and patriotism co-chair Sophomore year. She has experience in DECA and other organizations as well. She is hoping to make the StuCo points system as organized as possible and increase the fundraisers.

Sophomore Michelle Jimenez has served in StuCo as the community service chair and the Freshman Class President. She has experience organizing class events and has gained a lot of experience as a committee chair. She is now running for Student Body Secretary and hopes to keep the club organized.

Sophomore Yazan Azzam has been a devoted StuCo member by serving as the Freshman senator and the Sophomore Class President.  He is hoping to be the new student body Vice President and bring a breath of fresh air into StucCo and provide the amazing opportunities it has given to him to make amazing memories and companions.

Junior Andrea Lopez has served as the Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, and Junior Class President. She will be running as Student Body President and hopes to bring change, work with students, and be an example of a leader. She believes that it is important to listen to your peers and participate in events.

Heba Hajir is currently serving as the Student Body Parliamentarian and is running for the position of Student Body President. She hopes to change Franklin for the better and remind everybody that the school is not just about the school itself, but the people.


Students can now vote for their candidates on the link below: