Earth Day: Ways to Lessen your Impact

Claire O'Connor, Reporter

We all know that climate change is harming our planet. Scientists across the world are urging us to make a change or detrimental harm can come to Earth in the next three years. The longer that we let climate change go on, the shorter our time on this beautiful planet will be. However, there are things you can do personally to help. Individually, no you cannot stop climate change, but these small steps can open the doors to a better and healthier Earth.

  • Talk About It: Your voice matters. Posting about climate change on social media can reach the people in power and urge them to do something about it. Even talking to your friends and others can get them to realize the problem at hand.
  • Turn off Un-used Energy Sources: When you leave a room, make sure that the lights are off. Keeping even small lights, like lamps, can waste lots of energy we have gotten from fossil fuels. Faucets as well, leaving them running while doing something else can make lots of water waste.
  • Replace One-Use Items: Plastic bags and water bottles end up in our oceans. Even making plastics release greenhouse gas into our atmosphere. If you instead get a metal water bottle or use tote bags, they can help marine life and the rising temperatures.
  • Take Environmentally Friendly Transportation: Using a car to travel short distances can still cause harmful gases to be released into the air. Alternatively, you can walk or use a bike to reduce this pollution.
  • Respecting Green Spaces: These spaces are also known as parks. Make sure if you use the nature spaces you respect them by not vandalizing, leaving litter, or doing things to harm the space. Earth was made for us to admire and use, but with care.