Swift to release 10th studio album: Midnight Mayhem with Me

Claire O'Connor, Entertainment Editor

Taylor Swift is most popular for her music, yes, but also for the way she cryptically reveals her new projects. Midnight Mayhem with Me is her new TikTok series naming tracks of off Midnights.

Midnights is Swift’s tenth studio album, TS10. Set to come out on October 21, many fans are anticipating the song title names. When Midnights was first introduced after the VMA’s, there were no names, only track numbers (ex: Track 13).

The first episode of Midnight Mayhem with Me came out on September 20 on Swift’s TikTok. It shows her spinning a Bingo Cage with what seems like 13 bingo balls. Each ball has a number and during this first episode she takes out the number 13. Something to know about Taylor Swift, she is known for being associated with the number 13. Swift picks up a red phone and it tells us the title of that track. Mastermind.

Episode two came out on September 23. The same bingo cage spinning, and ball being dispensed happens but this time the ball that comes out is Track 8. This one is titled Vigilante S**t. There have been only two more episodes so far with the same events. Track 7 is Question…? Track 6 is called Midnight Rain.

We should be expecting at least nine more episodes revealing the complete track list of Midnights. I am loving this series Taylor Swift is putting out for her new album it’s so fun!